Kahuna Is Not Chuck's Strict Boss and Georgito, Rico, Franco and Hugo's High Tempered Brother Kahuna Is Very Strict And Mean (To Chuck) He Is Rude To His Friend Wendy.

He debuted as a closer in Papa's Freezeria replacing Rico as a closer, and he is also a closer in Papa's Pancakeria.  He became a normal customer in Papa's Wingeria.  He made a return as a closer in Papa's Pastaria, in which he takes Trishna's place as a closer. He becomes a normal customer again in Papa's Donuteria, where he found Powder Point's amusement rides to be enjoyable, thus being mellowed out. He also got his teal tropical shirt and red pants at Powder Point.


  • Georgito PePe Spot (formely)
  • Rico Raul Spot (formely)
  • Franco Rafael Spot (formely) Poopa Scooper
  • Hugo Paco Spot (formely)
  • Lisa Tiana Spot (formely)
  • Cecilia Clori Spot (formely)
  • Rita Fiona Spot (formely)
  • Alberto Alejandro Spot (formely)
  • Wendy Spot (sometimes)


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