Big Pauly

Big Pauly is very chubby pepper salesman. Since he is because he orders unhealthly, he makes effort in Hot Doggeriaby ordering the Diet Fizzo (or Diet Pepsi or Coke). He is the first to be free in tutorial in Papa Louie: When Pizza Attacks!. He is the first character in the game. His Full Name is "Paul George "Big Pauly" Matthews"



  • His pizza - 4 sausages on the right, 4 onions on the left, Cook for 3/8, Cut into eights 
  • His burger - bottom bun, medium patty, cheese, medium patty, cheese, medium patty, cheese, mayo, top bun
  • His taco - pita tacoshell, beef, white rice, tomato, pinto beans, cheese, guacamole
  • His sundae - large cup, yum' n' ms, chocolate syrup, smooth blend, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, 5 Creameos, Cherry
  • His breakfast - chocolate chip french toast, whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate chip french toast, whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate chip french toast. Drink: Large Coffe with Sugar
  • His wings - 8 Atomic Wings, 8 French Fries, Ranch Dip, Blue Cheese Dip, Mango Chili Dip, Awesome Sauce Dip
  • His hot dog - hoagie roll, kielbasa, ketchup, sauerkraut, onions, marinara sauce, sport pepper, tomato wedge, sport pepper. Soda: Large Diet Fizzo. Popcorn: Large Candy Jack



  • His real name Paul George Matthews comes from NBA Player Paul George from the Indiana Pacers.

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